Dealing with difficult behaviours: less drama, more understanding

SDDU's Penny Foster will talk to the WiSET First Tuesday Club meeting on 8 January 2013 about dealing with situations at work that involve difficult behaviours.

It can often feel that we are caught in a ‘game’ without fully understanding the role of the players and egos at work. We will use Karpman’s Drama Triangle concept to unpick these situations and work out how to influence the situation positively to enhance communication and mutual understanding.  There will be an opportunity for those present to work on identified issues around difficult behaviours together during our shared time.  Penny Foster, Senior Staff Developer, SDDU, will facilitate this session.

The session will take place:

On:  Tuesday 8 January 2013

At:   1-2pm

In:   Equality Service Annexe Meeting room, Level 10, E.C. Stoner Building

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Hot and cold drinks and cakes will be served.  Please bring your own lunch if you wish.

Please book a place at the meeting.  If you have any questions about the meeting, please contact Patricia Gray.

The First Tuesday Club meets monthly during term time.  It is for all female staff at Grade 6 onwards and for postgraduate research students from all five SET faculties.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 5 Febraury.

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