Depth and Horizon - panoramic painting at the Burton Gallery

Create your own panoramic landscape in a workshop with Simon Warner at the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery on Saturday 19 January from 2-4pm.

The workshop will be all about horizons. The secret of translating the natural curvature of the distant horizon into a flat line is also at the heart of the much-loved Victorian myriorama games, where scenic cards are arranged in any order to create views.

Simon Warner’s short introduction to the role of the horizon in panoramic painting will be followed by a workshop where participants build miniature landscapes.

Each work will be professionally photographed to create a collaborative myriorama. Materials will be provided, but bring accessories or landscape/architectural details that you would like to include.

The workshop is free, but places are limited so please book in advance by email, online, or by calling 32778.

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