Staff awarded at the Spotlight Finals

The Finals of 2012’s Commercial Services Spotlight awards were held recently, awarding individuals and teams for putting into action the behaviours that underpin the University’s vision and values.

During 2012, Commercial Services have had three rounds of recognition awards, with certificates presented in the following four categories:

Innovative & Creative – go the extra mile

For those who come up with the most innovative idea in Commercial Services, or who always seek new improved ideas   

Helpful & Supportive – show you care

For those who support our members by delivering an excellent customer experience

Friendly, Fun and Positive Attitude - share a smile

For the person, or team, who always brings fun to others at work and who demonstrates a positive attitude in all that they do.

Trust & Respect - know your stuff

For that great person, or team, who you can always trust and rely on and who also always show respect to everyone they deal with

The “Oscars – style” Spotlight Finals, held on Friday 7 December, in the Great Woodhouse Room, University House, brought together all of the winners of the three rounds, and an overall winner in each category received a crystal trophy in recognition, presented by the Vice Chancellor.

The winners were:

Innovative and Creative   

Helen Loftus and the SPA Health & Fitness Team

Helpful & Supportive

Rhia Grice from SPA

Friendly, Fun and Positive Attitude

Carl Marshall, Fiona Townend and Sarah Roe from Great Food at Leeds

Trust & Respect

Violetta Marzycka who runs the Limm Café at St James’ Hospital for Great Food at Leeds

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