Emeritus Professor Percy Grosberg

We are very sorry to let you know of the death of Emeritus Professor Percy Grosberg, former Professor of Textile Engineering and Head of the Department of Textile Industries.

Professor Grosberg came to Leeds in 1955 as ICI Fellow in Textile Engineering, was made Lecturer in the following year and, in 1961, was appointed to the Research Chair in Textile Engineering. During the course of his thirty-five year career in the University, Professor Grosberg established himself as a leading international authority on the formation, structure and mechanical behaviour of textile yarn and fabric, and also undertook influential work on the application of microprocessors and robotics to the automation of textile processes.  The impact of his research was recognised by numerous honours and awards, including the Warner Memorial Medal of the Textile Institute.   Within the University, he served for over a decade as Head of the Department of Textile Industries and was also a member of a wide range of committees, notably those concerned with staffing matters and international students.

At the time of his retirement in 1990, Professor Grosberg was the longest-serving professor on the staff.  In retirement he and his wife moved to Israel, where for many years he was Marcus Sieff Professor of Textile Technology at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

The funeral took place on Monday of this week.

An obituary is being prepared.

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