Tweet your thesis!

The inaugural Leeds Thesis Twitter Conference will be held on Tuesday 11 December from 9am to 5pm. Sign up to enter by 5pm on Friday 7 December.

Follow the action live on Twitter.

The Thesis Twitter Conference provides a platform to engage an audience outside of your research field. It also allows you the opportunity to hone your skills in communicating your research concisely and clearly. Hopefully you will receive feedback and make new connections that you will maintain throughout your research career.

The Rules

  • You must be a University of Leeds Postgraduate Researcher
  • You must register for the event by 5pm on Friday 7 December
  • You are allowed a maximum of 6 tweets. Each tweet can be a maximum of 140 characters
  • Number each of your tweets
  • End each tweet with #UoLTweConThe first tweet should be the title of your thesis
  • The final tweet should sum up your work to date
  • You can tweet about a part of your research or your full project
  • Links to extra text explaining your research is not allowed
  • Links to videos, images and bibliographical information may be included
  • Postings will be stored and displayed online after the competition
  • Claire Savy from the SDDU office will be overseeing the event and retweeting entries as they come in

The Prize!

For the winner and runner up of the crowd favourite, cash prizes of £100 and £25 will be awarded, respectively. Crowd favourite will be decided by a Twittpoll which will be opened after the conference ends at 5pm. Voting will remain open for 24 hours. Further details regarding the voting procedure and a link to the Twittpoll will be advertised on the day. Exciting news! Winners will be announced on Wednesday 12 December prior to a screening of the PhD movie! Get more information and book your ticket.

For more details see the Thesis Twitter Conference webpage.

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