Help shape the University's new economics research centre

The University of is creating a new economics research centre that will serve as a vehicle for connecting the University’s economists more closely with one another in academic initiatives.

The centre will also help build stronger links between those on campus and in the surrounding community who would benefit from readier access to the insights of economics.

Academic economists at University of Leeds are distributed among five faculties. This wide dispersion limits opportunities for communication, and especially for exchanges that might lead to innovative ideas or new collaborations.

The new economics research centre will have the mission of overcoming these barriers by creating a new space within the University of Leeds for creative interdisciplinary interactions between suppliers and demanders of economics. The centre will also help generate a shared identity for economics at Leeds. 

But how best to structure this new entity, which will span economists in several faculties, as well as reaching out to users of economics in the University and in the community? What structure, activities, and resources should it have?

Staff are invited to participate in one of several open, structured conversations about how best to design this new centre.

Meetings have been scheduled at different locations on campus for four different dates:

Wednesday 12 December, 2.30-4pm

Friday 14 December, 10-11.30am

Tuesday 15 January, 11.30am-1pm

Thursday 17 January, 1-3pm

If you would like to participate in one of these meetings, please send an email to Gary Dymski, indicating which dates you might be available. If none of these dates are workable but you are interested in joining a discussion, please still express an interest; another meeting sometime in January can readily be arranged. 

The idea is to pull together the insights gained from these sessions into a specific plan that can be launched formally in Spring 2013.

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