The pollution challenge

Staff are encouraged to draw an upcoming competition by the Environment Agency to the attention of students, which is looking for novel solutions to solve urban diffuse pollution issues.

Entrants must suggest a system, service, product, campaign or environment that addresses the causes of, or remediates, the impact of urban diffuse pollution. 

The competition judging panel will select three winners in each of the following categories; undergraduate, post-graduate and post-doctoral. Each of these winners will receive either one of £150, £300 or £500 prize.

The Environment Agency will also select one or more project ideas and will work in partnership with the university and student/s to implement the project idea. The project will be funded by the Environment Agency and delivered in the 2013 - 14 financial year.

A spokeswoman will be providing an overview of pollution issues in the urban environment and introducing the national competition on Wednesday 21 November at 2pm in the Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre.

Staff are also encouraged and welcome to come along to the event but only students may enter the competition.

The competition brief is available here. 

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