Replacement of Remote and Mobile Access Service

In response to user feedback, the Remote and Mobile Access Service (RMAS) is to be replaced by a single Desktop Anywhere service for staff and students, with the change planned for 12 December.

Staff users of Desktop Anywhere will benefit from a wider range of applications accessed via a familiar Windows desktop interface.  SAP and Banner will continue to be published separately from the desktop in order to maintain the remote access policies for corporate systems.  The URL for the new service will remain the same:

A preview of Desktop Anywhere will be available to staff from the RMAS applications screen shortly (later than the planned date of Tuesday 20 November). Faculties and services who might have references to RMAS on their websites or in documentation are requested to replace them with Desktop Anywhere as soon as possible after the change.

If you have any questions about the above work, please contact the IT Help Desk in the first instance by email or telephone (33333).

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