Guidance on the employment of researchers

In October 2012, the University launched its new Guidance on the Employment of Researchers, which brings together all of the various aspects relating to being a member of research staff at Leeds.

The University aims to achieve an influential world-leading research profile and increase its impact on a local to global scale.  It recognises the major contribution played by researchers in delivering research of the quality and impact which characterises a world-class, research-intensive University.

It is committed to attracting the very best researchers and helping them to develop their careers and make their career choices realistically and effectively, whatever their chosen career path.  In recognition of this commitment, the University was one of the first UK HEIs to receive the prestigious HR Excellence in Research Award.

This guidance document covers the University's expectations for the support, management and development of researchers in line with the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers.

The guidance document starts by addressing the responsibilities, including those of researchers themselves, for implementing and delivering University policy and continues to cover the remaining key principles of employment:

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Recognition and Value
  • Support and Career Development
  • Diversity and Equality

We recommend that all members of research staff, plus anyone involved in the recruitment, management or support of research staff download a copy of the document.

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