Turning ideas into profit

Research staff and students with a possible business idea will have the opportunity to learn more about the decisions involved in setting up and running a new business in an upcoming workshop.

The course, offered by the Staff and Student Development Unit, will use the award winning business stimulation package, SimVenture, to give participants the chance to test their skills in running a business start-up. There will be a chance to look at issues such as market research and strategy; approaches to marketing and selling your idea; differences between costing and pricing and business owner capabilities; and the need for ongoing professional development, amongst others.

This will be an interactive workshop, offering access to SimVenture with the use of both guided activities and free exploration of the package to run a virtual enterprise. To take part, it is expected that participants identify a possible business idea in advance of the event. This could be related to current research or something completely unrelated.

At the end of the workshop, there will be a chance to reflect on decisions made in the simulation to inform the development of an action plan for the business idea.

The workshop will take place:

On:  Friday 16 November

At:   9am-12.30pm

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