'Bones' comes to stage@leeds

'Bones', a one-person play about a dispossessed Nottingham teenager, comes to stage@leeds on Friday 12 October.

"Beneath Mark’s vitriol is a soul scarred by abuse. Yet he goes on to abuse too and the play makes no excuses. Like a raw, bloody tumour, cut from the body and dumped before the audience, you’ll have to make up your own mind about Mark."

"Bones is a short, one-person play about Mark, a dispossessed Nottingham teenager in 1998 forced to live alongside a newborn baby.’ Through her ‘juxtaposing the vulnerable boy in need of a father figure to the furious adolescent […] it’s as if Long Eaton playwright Jane Upton has performed brain surgery with scalpel-sharp words, giving a stark view of the inside of Mark’s head. And it’s not a pretty sight."

(Review from Ian Douglas, leftlion.co.uk)

The performance begins at 7.30pm in the Stage One theatre.  Tickets are available at the box office (0113 3438730) and at www.stage.leeds.ac.uk

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