The great windstorm of October 1987: 25 years on

The Yorkshire Centre of the Royal Meteorological Society and the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science (ICAS) are to host a talk which will look back on the Great Windstorm of 1987.

Staff are welcomed to the talk which will see Professor Keith Browning (School of Earth and Environment) discuss the Great Storm which devastated southern England on 15/16 October 1987 and led to the identification of a phenomenon called a sting jet, 25 years on to the day.

The sting jet is believed to be responsible for some of the most damaging winds in European windstorms and Professor Browning will describe the mechanisms by which a sting jet forms and its structure during the Great Storm. He will also present an analysis of a more recent severe wind event which occurred earlier this year in January.

The talk will take place:

On:  Tuesday 16 October

At:   6.30-8pm

In:   School of Earth and Environment 

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This is a free event and open to all. 

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