Of suns and other worlds

Staff are welcome to the 2012 Bolton Lecture in Astronomy where Professor Michael Thompson, Director of the High Altitude Observatory in Colorado, will discuss the Earth’s fragility around the sun.


Ground and space-based observations have opened astronomer’s eyes to new views of our Sun and planets around other stars.  Our own Sun is more variable than has been previously supposed; yet it provides an environment on Earth where life has flourished for millennia.  Now observations are revealing that our own solar system is not unique, but other planetary systems may be very different from our own.

In this lecture presented by the School of Physics and Astronomy Professor Michael Thompson will discuss how fragile our own existence around the Sun might be in the light of “space weather”, and what is being discovered about planets and the suns around which they exist elsewhere in the Galaxy.

This event will take place:

On:  Thursday 29 November

At:   5.30-6.30pm

In:   Conference Auditorium

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This event is free and all are welcome.

If you wish to attend in a group of five or more, please email Sarah Gardner

For more information please visit the School of Physics and Astronomy website. 

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