Upgrade to Mozilla Firefox

ISS Desktop Development intends to upgrade existing installations of Mozilla Firefox web browser to the latest version (currently version 14.0.1).

If you use Internet Explorer on your PC to browse the internet, you do not need to worry about this update. The target date for this automated upgrade is October 2012, but this will be confirmed following testing.

This upgrade is necessary to fix known security vulnerabilities in older versions of Firefox, particularly Firefox version 3.x which is no longer supported by Mozilla. There is a significant risk that some plug-ins / extensions to Firefox may not be compatible with the latest version; some of these may be used for teaching or academic research.

Anyone concerned about forward compatibility should contact their local IT support by Friday 28 September 2012 to discuss options. If you have questions about Mozilla Firefox or the update process please contact the ISS Help Desk or your local IT support.

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