Honorary degree nominations now being sought

Members of the University are invited to submit names for consideration by the Committee on Honorary Degrees when it meets in the autumn.

The criteria for the award of honorary degrees are set out in the following policy statement:

(a)  Honorary degrees may be awarded to individuals of real achievement and eminence in their respective fields, individuals who are distinguished by excellence, originality and the capacity to excite.

(b)  It is expected that the list of honorary graduates in any year will reflect the breadth of the University’s activities and interests, and in particular the local, national and international dimensions to its work as well as the University’s values.

Nominations should reach Rebecca Messenger-Clark in the Secretariat by Friday 14 September 2012.   In general, the Committee would expect a nomination to be contained within a supporting statement of up to one side of A4 (typescript), addressing the criteria set out above.

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