Universal programme and module catalogue update

The University and Unit4 have agreed to end their current contract. The University will implement an interim solution while Unit4 continues to develop a programme and module catalogue for the sector.

Both organisations will continue to explore opportunities to work together to investigate the potential of further developing a solution to meet the complex and changing needs of the University and similar organisations in the HE sector.

The University’s interim solution will address key issues with the current catalogue and work is now well underway, making use of in-house developments that were part of the UPMC project.  The interim solution will provide the following benefits by December 2012:

  • a single point of entry for catalogue data
  • a database to act as the single point of truth for programme and module catalogue information
  • new web catalogue screens for students
  • a number of staff facing reports
  • training to the appropriate staff

Once the interim solution is operational, it has been agreed to review the market and determine how best to provide the full range of functionality needed to meet our complex UPMC requirements.

To prepare for migration to the new system there is a need to check data quality in the current system, and Michael Whittaker from the central catalogue team will be in touch with catalogue coordinators in schools to explain the process and to ask for their help in implementing it to ensure we maximise the benefits the new system will bring.

For further information about the project please contact the Project Manager, Paul Holmes.

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