Leeds professors given special recognition

Two of the University's Emeritus Professors from the School of Sociology and Social Policy have been given Special Recognition Awards by the UK Social Policy Association (SPA).

Alan Deacon was one of the two academics to be given an award, with SPA President Sue Duncan commending him on his "significant" contribution to research and highlighting his "key role in keeping social policy as a discipline alive and kicking when it was under threat". On receiving his award, Alan said he was "delighted and very proud".

The other recipient was Fiona Williams, who Sue Duncan described as "a respected and talented scholar, whose research on gender, race, ethnicity and disability has contributed to debate and policy both nationally and internationally". Fiona retired from the University earlier this year and said she felt the award was "a recognition of a critical perspective in social policy that I have helped develop over some 40 years".

The awards, presented at the Association's July Annual Conference, mark contributions in the field of research, teaching and learning, impact on political process and discourse, and recognise the esteem in which the recipient is held.

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