A box of ideas

Researchers from Leeds are taking part in 'A Box of Ideas', an event aimed at enthusing children and adults by the possibilities of research. The event is part of the Sheffield Children's Festival.

Organised by the Vitae Yorkshire and North East Hub and being hosted by the University of Leeds' SDDU, the event will give young researchers from universities across the region, including some from Leeds, a chance to share their passion for research with children and adults attending the Sheffield Children's Festival.

Children can explore:

How would you design future electric cars?
What can the dance of bees tell us about our environment?
Why do children from around the world want to lean English?
What does filling a cup with water say about your brain?
Why do I need to wear glasses? (learn about research on myopia)
Do you want to learn to speak like a thief from the 18th-19th century and listen to crime stories from the Georgian and Victorian period?
Could the logbook of sailing ships who ventured to the Arctic seas two centuries ago help us study climate change?
What makes a good friend? (explore the role of facial differences)
Is it history or is it a story?

The event, which is suitable for children from aged 7 upwards, is taking place:

On:  Saturday 7 July 2012

At:   10.00am - 5.00pm

In:   The Winter Garden, Surrey Street, Sheffield

It is a free event, and there is no need to book.

For more information, please contact Sandrine Soubea.

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