Shifting Perspectives

The Leeds Institute of Health Sciences (LIHS) will be hosting a new exhibition from 6 to 19 July of photographs from 'Shifting Perspectives', celebrating the diversity of people with Down's syndrome.


Now in its eighth year, the 'Shifting Perspectives' team continues to break down pre-conceived ideas about people with Down’s syndrome, highlighting the individuality of every person with Down’s syndrome.

The work explores the photographic representation of people with Down’s syndrome, challenging attitudes and prejudices and examining alternative representations of both adults and children. Shifting Perspectives questions general views of what living with Down’s syndrome means to individuals, families and friends.

The exhibition will be displaying the work of Richard Bailey, Fiona Bailey and Eva Snoijink.

It is being staged:

On:  6 to 19 July 2012

At:   Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

In:   The foyer of the Charles Thackrah Building

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