Journey to the centre of the earth

If you want to find out about the depths of the Earth, a lecture by Professor Ed Garnero at the University on 3 July can tell you what goes on down there, and why it matters for life up here.

The centre of the Earth is a mysterious place. The deepest borehole ever drilled reaches just 12 kilometres below the surface, which leaves the other 6360 kilometres between us and the centre of the Earth invisible and untouched.  But there are ways to find out about the inside of our planet and they tell us that we live on a ball of molten iron as hot as the Sun and pulsating plumes of fluid rock that together shape our surface world.

Professor Ed Garnero of Arizona State University, USA, will be taking his audience on a journey into the Earth, using the techniques of geophysics to reveal the dynamic and complex interior of our planet.  Prof Garnero is visiting Leeds as part of the week-long SEDI conference which will bring over 150 international researchers to the city.

His lecture will take place:

On:  Tuesday 3 July 2012

At:   7pm

In:   Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre, Michael Sadler Building

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