Hoax emails targeting the education sector

Educational institutions in England are currently being targeted by a series of hoax emails claiming that incendiary devices have been planted on campus.

About 100 such emails have been received so far by institutions across the country, including this University.  Anyone receiving an email containing any bomb warning should let the Security Helpdesk know immediately (tel. 32222) and forward the email to security@leeds.ac.uk.

Examples of two of the emails:

From: Anonymous Remailer (austria)
Subject: Info
An incendiary device is concealed in the University Student Union.
A major blast followed by an ignition will take place soon.
Take this VERY seriously.  Notify the police immediately!

From: Anonymous Remailer (austria)
Subject: Re Durham
Two small - but lethal - incendiary devices are in Grey and Collingwood Colleges.
Ignitions will take place on Monday, or, if devices are disturbed, prior to then.
Call the University authorities and the police NOW!

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