Take part in a public involvement session on organ donation

Leeds researchers are developing a research study called ‘Pathways to Consent for Organ Donation’. As part of this study they would like to meet with members of the public to hear their views.

Hearing your views will help to make sure that the project is focused on the things you think are important or need to be explored in the process of consent to organ donation. Your feedback is also sought on initial ideas on how the study might carried out.

A public involvement session has therefore been organised to take place:

On:  20 June 2012

At:   11.30am to 1.30pm

In:   Boardroom, Beech Grove House

Who is organising the session?

Dr Ana Manzano, a researcher at the University of Leeds who is developing a research a proposal called ‘Pathways to Consent for Organ Donation’.  In this project we plan to do a comparative evaluation of the Spanish and UK models of organ donation.   In particular, the project will focus on the consent and decision-making processes in organ donation.

Who is the session for?

Who is this session for? This workshop is relevant to anybody in the UK with an interest in or views about organ donation.  You may or may not have direct experience of the consent process for deceased organ donation.

What will happen during the session?

After a short presentation we will break up for discussions in small groups.  This will enable you to think critically about consent to organ donation and express your views and experiences in this area.

This is a free event.  It includes lunch and refreshments.  To register attendance please contact Gill Sayers to request a registration form.

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