Skills@Library are top of the class

Skills@Library Lecturer Resources have been recognised as the best new innovative digital resource for promoting academic skills and information literacy.

The resources provide a bank of ready-made workshops complete with lesson plans and slides, as well as short standalone activities. Topics covered include finding and evaluating information, presentation skills, learning in a digital age, and writing skills.

All the resources are designed to be easily tailored to any discipline. As the resources are publicly available on our Library website, academics and librarians in institutions nationally and internationally can use and adapt them.

The winner was announced at LILAC 2012 (Librarians' Information Literacy Annual Conference), where Lord David Puttnam - of Chariots of Fire, Bugsy Malone, and The Killing Fields fame - was amongst the speakers.

The Credo Reference Digital Award for Information Literacy showcases the creative and interactive approaches to teaching that we have developed at Leeds. The award furthers the impact and reputation of Skills@Library, spreading the benefits of our work to many lecturers and librarians in higher education.

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