Do you have a passion for research?

Would you like to have a real opportunity to engage others in your research? The Vitae Yorkshire and North East hub is hosting a Public Engagement Competition for researchers on 8 May 2012.

The Competition will be included as part of a Public Engagement Conference on the 8 May at the Royal Hotel in York.  The day will include academic keynote speakers Andy Russell, a weather and climate scientist and Claire Thomson a lecturer in Scandinavian Film.

The conference will also feature interactive workshops to help you gain a better understanding of how to communicate your key research messages to the public and also a showcase of specific public engagement organizations who would love you to get involved.

The winners of the competition will get the chance to attend one of two bespoke training sessions and then come to the Sheffield Winter Gardens on 7 July to communicate their research in a truly public venue as part of the Sheffield Children's Festival and win up to £200

For more information go to the Vitae website at

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