Update - incident in Civil Engineering

Following yesterday’s incident, the Fire and Rescue Service have undertaken ‘fire watch’ checks and the Civil and Mechanical Engineering and SPEME buildings are now safe to enter and open as normal.

The fire alarm was activated at 1350hrs yesterday in Civil Engineering and shortly afterwards smoke was seen coming from a room in the basement of the building. The Fire and Rescue Service were called immediately, security staff and University fire wardens attended the scene, and staff and students were promptly evacuated from the Mechanical and Civil Engineering buildings, followed by Electrical Engineering.

Fire engines attended the incident and Fire Officers entered the area to locate the cause of the burning. At the request of the Fire and Rescue Service, the SPEME building was also evacuated.

The Fire and Rescue Service's initial assessment concluded that the smoke was caused by smouldering embers from insulating fibreboard located between a vaulted roof and an adjoining wall above room G02 in Civil Engineering.

Further investigations will begin today to ascertain the cause of the incident.

Please direct any questions to Lee Dewhurst, Head of Health and Safety, on 34207.

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