Three Leeds students present 'Best Paper' on solar energy

Research presented by three first-year PhD students from Leeds has won the 'Best Paper' title at the 8th Photovoltaic Science Application and Technology Conference and Exhibition in Newcastle.

The paper, 'Solar city indicator: A methodology and ranking of the potential for PV in UK cities' was submitted by Holly Edwards, Jannik Giesekam, and James Gooding.  These students were supervised by Dr Rolf Crook.

Their research involved establishing which cities offered the best potential for the use of solar panels (Photovoltaic panels), by using modelling and mapping tools to compare roof aspects (e.g. south-facing) and suitable roof area across the city. They then looked at socio-economic factors that would affect take-up of solar panels in the cities concerned.

The best paper award was a particularly impressive achievement as the DTC students are only in their 1st year of PhD study, and this was their first conference.

The PVSAT series of conferences is well established as the premium event for the presentation of leading research in photovoltaics in the UK. The DTC students gave a first class presentation at the conference which was well received and prompted numerous questions, showing the wide interest in their work.

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