Mass higher education and the labour market

Professor Ken Mayhew, will take a critical look at 'Mass higher education and the labour market' in a seminar at Leeds on 28 May.

There is increasing debate about the appropriate size and composition of the HE sector in the UK.  In our depressed labour market, many graduates find it difficult to find jobs and, for those who do obtain employment, concern has been expressed that their skills are being under-utilised.  This latter concern has been with us for some years and has led some commentators to argue that too many young people are going to university. 

Professor Mayhew, Director of ESRC Designated Research Centre on Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance, Professor of Education and Economic Performance, Department of Education, University of Oxford, and Fellow and tutor in Economics at Pembroke College, Oxford, will examine the links between HE and the world of work, and consider what is happening within universities themselves.

The seminar will take place:

On:  Monday 28 May 2012

At:   4.30pm

In:   Great Woodhouse Room, University House

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