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LUU Opera Soc is performing The Mikado in the Riley Smith Hall from 2 to 5 May 2012. Tickets can be reserved now.


Gilbert & Sullivan's The Mikado is a comedy set in Japan, revolving around the forbidden love of Nanki-Pooh, the disguised heir to the Japanese throne, and the beautiful Yum-Yum.  They are thwarted by Ko-Ko, Yum-Yum's amorous guardian, and the aged Katisha who is determined to marry Nanki-Pooh herself.  After many complications and confusions the story ends in traditional Gilbert and Sullivan style, with multiple marriages; some happier than others.

Opera Soc's production will see the following take the leading roles:

The Mikado - Charlie Calver
Nanki-Poo - Paul Massey
Yum-Yum -  Kate Rotheroe
Ko-Ko - Chris Pelly
Katisha -  Ellie Watts
Pooh-Bah - Dom Murray
Pish-Tush -  Manuel Ojeda 
Pitti-Sing -  Katie Weeks
Peep-Bo -  Rebecca Jelbert

Tickets cost:

Wednesday £4 NUS/£6 Adult
Thurs-Sat £5 NUS/£7 Adult

Tickets will be available from the Riley Box office, a stall in the Union foyer and from the LUU Helpdesk.

For reservations and further information, email

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