LUU Leadership election results announced

The results of the LUU Leadership election have been announced, following the biggest student election ever held in the UK, with 9,616 votes cast.

Next year, the members of the Student Executive will be:

Equality & Diversity Officer - CHARLIE HOPPER (2964 votes)
Community Officer - BEN FISHER (3322 votes)
Welfare Officer - KATIE SIDDALL (2076 votes)
Education Officer - JOSH SMITH (2967 votes)
Activities Officer - ED ELLIOT (2577 votes)
Communications & Internal Affairs Officer - ANTONY HADDLEY (3134 votes)

Leeds Student Editor - LUCY SNOW (4216 votes)

The new Activities Exec will be:

Volunteering - Danielle Coffey
Sports - Greg Sturge
Performing - Sam Day
Outdoor - Fiona Simkins
Media - Samwise Wilson
Martial Arts - Reuven Davidson
General Interest - Alan Holmes
Faith - Lucy Cohen
Dance - Georgina Ketteman
Culture - Steven Marcelino
Departmental - Megan Humphrey
Political and Campaigning - will be re-run in new term.

The NUS delegates will be:

Mark Sewards, Tom Mead, Robyn Brockie, Dan Mackenzie, Mustafa Alkhaddar, Bruce Rothberg, Thomas Follet, Jonathan Pryor, Zoheb Ahmad and Sajedah Shubib

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