£6.5 million programme brings together world experts in terahertz research

Researchers at Leeds are to benefit from a £6.5 million programme into terahertz lasers with applications ranging from security to future quantum computers.

The programme will bring together the world leading teams that have pioneered THz quantum cascade lasers, microwave photonics and THz quantum state control to open up the THz spectrum for widespread scientific and commercial application, through the use for the first time of photonics-enabled coherent techniques.

The programme aims to maintain this pre-eminence and exploit it to establish UK leadership in wireless communications, with a thousand-fold enhancement in bandwidth available to untethered devices; in quantum information processing with optically controlled gates in silicon, and in advanced imaging technology, especially for biomedicine.

Principal Investigator at Leeds, Professor Giles Davies, Pro-Dean for Research and Innovation in the Faculty of Engineering, said: "This is a fantastic opportunity for us to build on our pioneering and internationally-leading work on the growth, design, fabrication and measurement of terahertz frequency quantum cascade lasers. By developing photonic control of these devices, we will transform the application of terahertz technology across the physical, biological and medical sciences, and strengthen the UK's leadership in this emerging field."

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