Tea, cakes and science

A number of Leeds academics will be speaking at Leeds Cafe Scientifique events in Leeds City Museum over the coming months, beginning with Dr Steve Compton's talk this Sunday on 'Fantastic figs'.


Cafe Scientifique presents an opportunity for anyone, aged 8 to 88, to talk to an expert over a cup in the comfort of the Museum cafe.  The talks take place on a Sunday from 11.30am-1.30pm, and all are free.

The programme, which starts this Sunday (11 March 2012) includes:

11 March - Dr Steve Compton - Fantastic figs

15 April - Professor Melvin Hoare - Star birth in the Milky Way

10 June - Professor Arun Holder - Human labour and birth

8 July - Professor Tim Benton - Global food security and why it matters to the UK

12 August - Adrian Nixon - The future: a user's guide

9 September - Dr Frances Drake - Climate change: implications for Leeds

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