Library fines to go to charity

Library fines paid off during Raise and Give (RAG) Week are to be donated to local charities and community projects for the first time this year.

The proposal that the money received in fines during Raise and Give week be given to charity came originally from the RAG Committee, which had identified that this happened in other universities.  While this was new to Leeds, the Library believes that this would be an excellent idea and worked with the RAG Committee to make it happen.  It is hoped that this new initiative will become an annual activity.

Grace Winter, RAG's General Events Manager, explained that the money collected will go towards a community fund, "a pool of money collected from various RAG events throughout the year, which is then divided up and given to various small charities."

All of the charities involved have an annual income of less than £150,000 per year and 80 per cent of the charities in the community fund are based in Leeds.

Raise and Give Week runs from until 4 March.

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