Leeds' approach commended by quality review

A number of Leeds' practices and policies have been commended by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) in its institutional review of the University.


The QAA subjects higher education institutions to review approximately every five to six years.  Reviews involve a thorough evaluation of the institution's educational provision.  They result in a report that makes judgements and recommendations about:

  • academic standards
  • academic quality - whether appropriate and effective teaching, support, assessment and learning opportunities are provided
  • enhancement - the deliberate steps taken by the institution to develop and improve the quality of the learning experience for students. Review teams also look at how student feedback is used, and whether students are involved in the core decision-making processes
  • public information - the quality of information supplied by the institution to inform the public, including applicants and students about higher education.

Leeds has received a very positive initial communication outlining the key findings of its recent review.  As we might have hoped and expected, the University meets UK expectations for standards and the quality of learning opportunities, but the review also commends us for our 'approach to the enhancement of provision, in line with [our] aspiration to create a distinctive Leeds graduate', and it highlights the following examples of good practice:

  • the initiatives which contribute to the University's widening participation strategy
  • the policies and procedures for the admission of students to the University
  • the strategy to improve students' employability and career options through Leeds for Life and its implementation.

The review also affirms the University's 'holistic approach to partnership as a joint enterprise that recognises the mutual obligations of staff and students' and the introduction of the Personal Development Recording (PDR) system for research students, as well as the work being done to address variability in the feedback provided to students on their assessed work and the quality of teaching by graduate teaching assistants.

The recommendations for action ask the University to tighten its arrangements for external review of new programme proposals and to ensure continuity of supervision arrangements for pgr students with a single supervisor.

This external endorsement of the very many good things we're doing at Leeds is warmly welcomed and reflects the commitment and dedication of all those involved in student education.

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