English universities in crisis

Dr Heather Savigny, Senior Lecturer from the University of East Anglia, will lead a seminar at Leeds on 7 March, looking at gender and equality within higher education institutions.

The higher education system is in crisis. While the historical roots to this may lie in the neoliberal agenda pursued by successive governments, it is perhaps timely to ask, not only what is a University for, but how can we make a University a 'good place' to be? Can it be one which represents the myriad interests in society, not just the sectional few? Scratch beneath the surface of this crisis and the story is even more apocalyptic, especially if you are a woman, or friends with one, or just someone who believes in equal rights.

This paper looks at some current activist responses to the questions posed above. It also suggests that talking about the way in which gender inequality is institutionalised is profoundly linked to conversations about what higher education is, and what we want it to be. 

The seminar will take place:

On:  Wednesday 7 March 2012

At:   3.30pm

In:   Room 11.14, Social Sciences Building

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