Join the Leeds Oxfam Group in marking International Women's Day

The Leeds Oxfam Group is holding a panel discussion on 7 March 2012 on the subject of "Meeting the challenges of gender equality in a world of crisis" to mark International Women's Day.

The discussion will take place:

On: Wednesday 7 March 2012

At: 6.30pm for a 6.55pm start

In: Quaker Meeting House, 188 Woodhouse Lane (opposite the Chemistry Building)

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Speakers on the panel will be:

  • Professor Ruth Pearson will introduce and summarize the panel discussion and give an overview on the challenges relating to the economic and financial crises for women in the North and South.
  • Jane Tate: the work of Homeworkers Worldwide in supporting women workers in the garment and footwear sectors in Tamil Nadu, India, where international competition and a downward pressure on prices leads to a lack of rights for women.
  • Dr Jieyu Liu: the experiences of women who are left in the rural areas, often caring for older people in the context of massive rural-urban migration in contemporary China.
  • Dr Emma Tomalin: 'Religion, gender and development: strategies to secure positive outcomes for gender equality". She will discuss the increasing challenge from conservative and fundamentalist forms of religions and the importance of seeking to transform religious traditions from within.
  • Salma Amir on issues facing women in rural Pakistan, which are exacerbated by natural disasters, and how some NGOs and MFIs are  trying to address their needs.

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