Students supporting students

A one-off lunchtime event on 29 February aims to showcase schemes at Leeds in which students provide study support for their fellow students.

The following staff will present their work in this area:

Shelley Li, LUBS; Samantha Pugh, School of Mathematics;

PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) were introduced in the 2010/11 academic session to the Business School and similarly PAL (Peer Assisted Learning) was introduced in the School of Mathematics respectively. The main focus of the scheme was to supplement traditional methods of teaching with student-centred and student-directed collaborative group learning, to improve study skills and enable students to develop a range of employability skills such as group leadership. Shelley and Samantha will give a brief overview of PASS/PAL and its history

Slawomir Raszewski, School of Politics and International Studies (POLIS).

Over the past few years, POLIS has gradually grown, tested and resourced a series of initiatives in Student Led Discussion (SLED) and learning. Students have themselves further developed these initiatives, resulting in what is now a network of student-led discussion groups that span all three undergraduate levels. These groups give students a space to engage in open discussion, explore their understanding of module content and benefit from the input of their peers.  It actively supports and encourages the transition from early stage first year student learning to developed third year participation in research-led learning. In the presentation, Slawomir will focus on current developments and prospects of the SLED learning and teaching.

There will be opportunity to ask questions and through showcasing the approaches taken by three different schools / faculties the session aims to stimulate thinking on whether schemes of this nature have wider applicability across the institution.

The event will take place:

On:  Wednesday 29 February

At:   12.30-1.30pm

If you are interested in attending this event and would like to book a place please contact me directly Ellie Barker or book online.

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