Patients and carers sought to contribute to medical education

Leeds School of Medicine's Institute of Medical Education is looking for patients and carers willing to get involved in medical education at Leeds.


It is important to ensure that the doctors of the future can communicate effectively with patients, carers and their family members.  Patient and carer involvement at the Leeds Institute of Medical Education therefore allows medical students to gain first-hand experience of speaking to individuals who are living with, or caring for someone with, a medical condition or disability.  Hopefully, this means that when they qualify as junior doctors, they will be better equipped to communicate effectively and work in partnership with patients and carers throughout their medical career.

How can you be involved?

'Patient' means anyone that has received medical treatment (e.g., for cancer), or has a long-term medical condition or disability.  'Involvement' means opportunities in which patients and carers can play an active role in medical education and clinical training.  These can include taking part in student exams or receiving home visits from medical students interested in your medical condition, disability or life as a carer.

For more information, please contact:

Nicola Lawlor
Patient | Carer Community Coordinator
Room 7.09, Worsley Building
University of Leeds
Tel. 36951

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