Celebrate Terminalia!

Tim Waters will lead a walk around the old boundaries of Leeds on Thursday 23 February, in imitation of the festival of Terminus, the Roman god of boundaries and landmarks.

The walk will go in a clockwise direction around the city, visiting the ancient boundary markers that defined the medieval boundaries of Leeds.  Traditionally, feasting and sacrifices were performed during Terminalia at the boundary markers, and we can do the same with things like cake, flowers or booze!  The boundary markers around Leeds are called bars (gates, possibly that barred off an entrance) and mark the borders where the city ended and the countryside began.  Most are recorded and some still exist.

Walkers should meet at 6.30pm at the North Bar - 24 New Briggate.  The walk will go clockwise to the East Bar by the Parish Church, then onto the South Bar  at the Adelphi, the West Bar near City Square and onto the Burley Bar on Woodhouse Lane before returning to the start.

The walk is free and no booking is necessary.  Bring yourselves, some warm clothes and some cake, drinks or flowers.

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