Climate Week 2012 - tell us about your research

This year's Climate Week will focus on developing a sustainable world and University. We are particularly interested in how your research could change the world and what benefits it would bring.

The University of Leeds is committed to sustainability: it is a part of everything that we do.  From ground breaking research and teaching to our new Carbon Management Plan and award winning travel projects we are engaged in improving our impact on every level.  However, have you ever wondered where we might be heading if we achieved everything we were aiming for?  Where is our combined research taking us, what would a low carbon University look like and how would a sustainable transport system benefit us?

To be part of Climate Week 2012 we would like a brief summary of your research and a statement on how you think it could benefit society and the environment. We will be using this to create a poster with an emphasis on the benefit/positive change with a summary of your research included. These posters will be displayed in official poster sites across the University and promoted via other means such as the It All Adds Up and Climate Week websites.

If you are interest in becoming involved please contact the Sustainable Development team, tel. 35793.

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