Nominate a science lecture for an award

The British Science Association is seeking nominations for its Award Lectures, to be delivered during the British Science Festival in Aberdeen from 4-9 September 2012.


The deadline for nominations is 27 January 2012.

The Award Lectures reward five researchers who are also talented communicators, able to share their work with a general audience.

There are five Award Lectures, each focusing on different areas of science, engineering and technology:

Joseph Lister Award - Social sciences
Isambard Kingdom Brunel Award - Engineering, technology and industry
Charles Lyell Award - Environmental sciences
Charles Darwin Award - Agricultural, biological and medical sciences
Lord Kelvin Award - Physical sciences and mathematics

The Award Lectures form an important part of the programme for the Festival, and are popular with a wide variety of people, from school students to retired scientists.

Eligibility criteria
The nominee must be an active researcher and have demonstrated outstanding communication skills to a general audience. When considering a nomination please take into account the following questions:

  • Is the nominee's research cutting edge?
  • Will the research have an interesting societal impact?
  • Can the nominee clearly communicate their research to a lay audience?

Although normally only open to people aged 40 or under at the date of the Festival we will consider applications for people over 40 who are either:

  • within eight years of the award of their PhD or equivalent professional training, excluding any career break
  • within six years of their first academic appointment

For more information visit or contact Kate Sinclair, the Festival Officer, on 0207 019 4947.

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