Pip Dickens exhibition opens at the Burton Gallery

New work by artist-in-residence Pip Dickens, inspired by Michael Sadler's gifts of Kashmiri shawls to the University, goes on display at the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery from 17 January 2012.

During the 19th century, luxurious Kashmiri shawls were viewed as a symbol of wealth and status among fashionable circles in Europe, sought after for their sheer, veil-like fabric.  As well as exploring the history of the shawl wearers, Pip is interested in history of the shawl weavers and their eventual displacement from the Kashmir region of India.

The Gallery's curator, Layla Bloom, has been tracking the progress of Pip's work in the Gallery blog, and the images and ideas emerging from the artist's studio promise a vibrant, lively and thought-provoking exhibition.

The exhibition's opening night is on Tuesday 17 January 2012 from 6 to 8pm.  All are welcome.

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