Colourful language aimed at school pupils by Leeds academics

162 school pupils from across Yorkshire had their eyes opened to the world of colour science at a student showcase event at the University in November.

The event, organised by the Department of Colour Science in partnership with the Oil & Colour Chemists' Association aimed at raising the pupils' awareness of the contribution colour science makes to everyday life and at encouraging them to consider it as a study and career option.

Highlights of the event included a lecture by Professor Jim Guthrie, whose demonstration of how our senses can be challenged by different shape, design and colour combinations won him a standing ovation from the young audience, and a series of extremely visual colour experiments by Dr Mark Heron, who introduced the audience to the strange behaviour of liquid nitrogen.

Other talks were given by postgraduate students from the Department, who outlined how they came to study colour science and then talked about their research projects.

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