Preparation and expectations for fieldwork research

The Researchers in Development PhD Network (RiDNet) has organised a seminar on preparing for fieldwork research in developing countries, to take place on 22 November.

Whether you're a seasoned traveller/researcher or whether you will be going for the first time, everyone experiences worries and questions about how to prepare for fieldwork and what to expect once they're there.  As there are so many researchers at Leeds in the same situation RiDNet has organised a seminar to discuss these issues.  Whether your field work is in a rural area of a developing country in Africa or an urban conglomerate in Europe, you can both gain and give something valuable to the discussion.

There will be three short presentations by people from differing backgrounds, both in terms of geographical locations and in the type of research conducted.  This is a great opportunity to learn from others' experiences and to discuss, question and express any issues, worries or unknowns with a diverse group of people all in the same situation.

The seminar will take place:

On:  Tuesday 22 November

At:   4-5.30pm

In:   Baines Wing seminar room 2.15 

RiDNet would like the discussion to be as open and informative for as many people as possible so if you have any specific questions or issues that you would like to raise, please do send them in advance to either Beth Harrison or Ellie Jew, and presenters can be asked to touch on the most common themes during their presentations.

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