It all adds up

By now you will have no doubt noticed the big numbers around campus. So have you figured it out yet?

View of hay bales spelling out 40647, which is the total number of students and staff at the University

40,647 is the number of students and staff at the University, and the various installations across campus signify the beginning of our carbon reduction campaign which supports our Carbon Management Plan. The idea is that some seemingly small actions by all of us can add up to big savings in energy used. Our aim is to reduce our carbon emissions by 35% by 2020.

Over the next few months we will be highlighting a number of areas where we could make a real difference. For example, lighting, computers, heating and doors and windows.

You can find out all about our carbon reduction campaign on the italladdsup website - including energy-saving hints and tips, facts and figures (did you know that 1,250 litres of water are boiled overnight on campus? That's enough to make a cup of tea for almost every member of staff) and how we are measuring the impact of this campaign. There are also opportunities for you to pledge to take action to reduce emissions.

Find out more about the carbon reduction campaign

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