Climate Week competition winners announced

The winners and runners-up in the 2011 Climate Week competition have now been announced.


Entries were judged on:

  • quality and creativity of submission
  • potential savings to the University
  • whether it was a "new" proposal or something that we had already considered or implemented

The winners were:

Balazs Kulik (winner of student prize).  Balazs suggested analysing buildings with a high proportion of personal heating use to consider whether it was more cost and carbon effective to turn the central heating up in these areas.  He also suggested using student and staff survey teams to identify areas of surplus heating.

Todd Stewart (winner of staff prize).  Todd Stewart recognised the fact that a lack of routine checks on  maintenance work means that systems end up functioning inefficiently.  Todd suggested a role that reviews projects on campus ensuring that jobs are completed to the correct standards and systems and services are commissioned correctly.

The runners-up were:

Andrew Tomlinson. Andrew suggested that adaptations made to the student timetable could make a much more efficient use of space leading to partial closure during the week. Although it was felt that this would be impractical to implement at present, the underlying thinking is currently being employed by Estate Services to look at complete close down of buildings and floors on campus.

Margaret Rimmington. Margaret suggested an innovative approach to minimising resource consumption by changing the way that goods and services were charged in the University. Although an excellent idea, at present the level of cultural change and resource needed to implement this means it would not be possible. However, parts of Margaret's submission such as information on invoices will be considered in the future.

Congratulations to Balazs, Todd, Andrew and Margaret, and thanks to all who entered the competition.

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