Media introduction for scientists and engineers

The Science Media Centre is offering scientists and engineers an insight into dealing with the news media at an event at the Wellcome Collection, London, on Friday 18 November 2011.

What is this event?

A beginner's guide to the media, giving an insight into the way the news media works. You will get a tour of some of the key issues, hearing from journalists, press officers and other scientists about:

  • the deadlines that journalists work to
  • the role of the editor
  • how journalists find stories
  • top tips for dealing with the media
  • the role of the press officer
  • the importance of engaging with the media.

It isn't:

Traditional media training. This session will not prepare you for a confrontation with Paxman or Humphrys, and it is not skills-based media training; but it will give a flavour of the news media to help you understand its demands and make it easier for you to work with journalists.

The event is aimed at scientists or engineers who have not had much, or any, media experience before. The event is free, but the number of places is very limited. If you are interested in attending, please contact Paula Gould (ext. 38059) in the Communications and Press Office.

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