Who runs the world? Riots, revolution and refuseniks

Clare Solomon (University of London Student Union President 2010/11) and Joe Glenton (politics student and ex-soldier imprisoned for refusing to return to Afghanistan) to speak at Leeds on 13 October.

From the Milbank riot to Murdoch's media corruption, from revolution in Cairo to riots in Camberwell, the past twelve months have seen an incredible demonstration of what happens when the world is run for profit and when a minority of rich people ignore the needs of the majority.

Joe Glenton and Clare Solomon explore the effects of a world with a massive democratic deficit as well as an unprecedented economic debt.  They ask whether government austerity measures solve problems or make them worse.

The talk will take place:

On: Thursday 13 October 2011

At:   4-6pm

In:   Lecture Theatre 18, Roger Stevens Building

For more information, contact Nicola Horner.

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