Beyond sustainability

Dr Dominique Hes of the University of Melbourne will talk about how "green" buildings could become net contributors to their environment rather than just efficient takers in a seminar on 5 October.

Current practice in green buildings is centered on increasing their efficiency in the use of water, energy, provision of comfort and material usage. Though admirable and a step on the journey towards a more sustainable future, the seminar will question their effectiveness in light of growing populations and continued expectations around wealth.

Dr Hes will ask whether we have actually become more sustainable in the 30 or so years of talking about it.  Is producing less impacting buildings, products, etc., really dealing with the real elephants in the room - consumption, growth, population, and so forth?  Can we even look at these elephants from within our current technological, political and economic framework?

Dr Hes received a science degree from Melbourne University and followed this with a graduate diploma in Cleaner Production and a Doctorate in 2005 at RMIT University, Melbourne. The thesis investigates her practice in supporting the integration of sustainability in building projects. Her most successful publication is the ESD Design Guide for Australian Government Buildings, which is in its third edition, she has written a companion guide called ESD Operations Guide for Owners, Managers and Tenants, published in 2009.

The seminar will take place:

On:  Wednesday 5 October 2011

At:   4.00-5.15pm

In:   Lecture theatre 2.34, Baines Wing

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