Graduate Portal launched

Recent graduates can now benefit from information, benefits and services for alumni through the Portal, strengthening their connection with Leeds straight from graduation.

Extending the use of the Portal to graduates of 2010 and 2011 means they can continue, for five years, to access services such as Leeds for Life and Careers which will support them as they start their careers. It also means they have easy access to information for alumni, including professional and social alumni events across the world.

When graduates' accounts change to alumni accounts (which happens at the end of August for most undergraduates) they see the Graduate Portal when they log in rather than the Student Portal. It is hoped that the continuity of use of their ISS username and password and a familiar online environment will encourage graduates to visit the Graduate Portal regularly.

To help in providing suitable content for graduates, finalists were consulted via a survey and a focus group, and Leeds University Union officers provided helpful input.  The name 'Graduate Portal' was chosen rather than 'Alumni Portal' as it seemed that finalists identified more with the term 'graduate' initially.

The Portal was  also used prior to graduation to improve university communications to students about what happens after graduation, including arrangements about their university email etc.  At the same time the Portal was used to highlight the benefits that students continue to receive beyond graduation - such as access to the libraries, LUU and preferential membership rates of The Edge - and benefits only available to alumni, particularly their access to a worldwide network.

The Graduate Portal content is not intended to replace the websites of the Alumni Office, Careers, or Leeds for Life.  The Portal provides short sections of static content, providing 'tasters' and links out to these and other appropriate websites (including the Alumni presence on Facebook and Twitter).

All areas of the University are invited to contribute to the 'News for graduates' section of the Graduate Portal by getting  in touch with the Portal Team who will discuss and place content.

Read more about the Graduate Portal. 
See a set of screenshots.

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