New structure for Leeds Social Sciences Institute

Leeds Social Sciences Institute, which involves all faculties where social science has a significant presence - ESSL, LUBS, Environment, Medicine and Health, PVAC and Arts – is to have a new model.

The Institute will continue to take forward the promotion of interdisciplinary research, innovation and impact in the social sciences such that the University of Leeds is positioned internationally as a centre of excellence for the Social Sciences, maximising internal and external collaboration and strategic alliances within and beyond the social sciences.

The Institute will integrate within it the White Rose Social Sciences Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) so that research student and researcher training is embedded within a research context, and enabling the strong external promotion of research degrees in the social sciences at Leeds.

Professor Ian Kirkpatrick of LUBS has been appointed Director of the Institute and takes up his role on 3rd October.

The Social Sciences DTC at Leeds will work in close liaison with our new Researcher Training and Development Hub for the arts and social sciences, led by Dr Jenny Rivas Perez.

This integrated model will enable the University to meet its commitments to ESRC as part of the White Rose DTC and will also provide an unrivalled opportunity for establishing Leeds in this context as a leading centre for social science researcher training.

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